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School Events

First Hand Learning - 2018

P.I.S, Hassan organized an educational field trip to a blood bank to get the first hand information about blood groups, blood transfer , compatibility and the significance of blood donation for the students of grade 8 on 11th of July. The students were able to understand the procedure adopted in the blood bank to collect and store blood.

Hear our Voice - 2018

P.I.S, Hassan conducted two days session “Hear Our Voice” which aimed at exposing the students to the ways global organizations take decisions and reach solutions. Through this activity the students were introduced to the Model United Nations and they were engaged in debate and discussions that focused on global issues which helped them to think of possible solutions.

Broadcast It 'A Dive into the World of Media and Broadcasting' - 2018

True education means training in excellence, which makes a person passionately desire to be a perfect citizen. Learning takes place at all the time and everywhere. Every exposure and interaction is an opportunity to learn. Realizing this P.I.S, Hassan organized field trip to the All India Radio Station and to the local news paper printing unit .The students of grade 5 and 6 were taken for outdoor learning based on the theme BROADCAST IT.

Broadcast It 'A Dive into the World of Media and Broadcasting' - 2018

PODAR LIVE - The Podarites Broadcasting Network. The theme ‘Broadcast It’ ended with an event Podar Live was organized by the students and staff within the school premises. This event gave an opportunity for the students to showcase their learning and the experiences they had in the module.

Broadcast It - A Dive into the World of Media and Broadcasting - 2018

House Competition - Under the theme “BROADCAST IT - A Dive into the world of Media and Broadcasting” and as a part of ‘House Competition’, the students of the secondary grades were engaged in a debate. The main purpose of conducting the competition was to make the children more mindful about Social Media and its effects on society morals. The debate helped the students develop critical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills. The students of the primary grades were engaged in an Art activity. The main objective of this activity was to encourage students to think creatively.

Parent of the Fortnight 'Mr. Amarjit Singh' - 2018

Mr. Amarjit Singh who is a branch Manager at S.B.I, Alur was the Parent of the Fortnight which was held on 26th of June. He spent his valuable time with the students and answered to the questions asked by them. The students were happy to know about his childhood days and about the functioning of banks.

Safety Awareness program - 2018

The safety Week program focused on making students conscious about the safety topics like injuries and accidents, safety at home, their personal safety, fire safety and health safety and the precaution or steps they need to take to keep them safe .As a part of it Dr.Kavitha was invited to give some valuable tips to the children about the importance of health and hygiene.

World Press Freedom Day - 2018

The U.N General Assembly introduced the proclamation of World Press Freedom Day in December 1993.Since then, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every year on May 3.The aim of observing this day is to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and also to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession.

The students of grade 9 presented a special assembly on “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY”. They presented a meaningful skit on the importance of World Press Freedom Day. The main purpose of this assembly was to make the students aware of the importance of the press and Journalism in our daily life and how important it is to keep ourselves updated about current events.

Investiture Ceremony 2018-2019

“Leaders are not born but made by their experience in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Hassan has selected the prefectural council for the year 2018-19.The new prefect council was handed over the responsibility formally through investiture ceremony which was held on 21st June.

The Chief Guest of the function was Col.Rippen Tripati, and Dr.Preethi Mohan, Principal of Podar Jumbo Kids, Hassan was the Guest of Honor.

The Head boy, the Head Girl, the new prefect council, the captains and vice captains of all the four houses were given the badges were entrusted to carry on their work smoothly and systematically.

The Chief Guest Col.Rippen appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to take part in activities like these. He also congratulated the newly appointed prefectural council for their preparedness to take up responsibilities.

International Yoga Day - 2018

“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world ever grows or blossom and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they are meant to be.” - B.K.S. Iyengar

P.I.S, Hassan observed International Yoga Day on 21st of June, 2018. The students of grade 3 to 5 participated in the celebration. Various Yoga postures and asanas including pranayam and meditation were illustrated by the physical education teacher before the students. The students were also enlightened on the benefits of Yoga, yogic exercises.