Podar Education Network

Podar International School
Dhule (CBSE)

Principal's Message

Lucky are we (the Parents, Teachers & Students) to be

  • Born as human beings (Most advanced & facilitated beings).
  • Physically fit.
  • Mentally fit.
  • The ones getting food & safe shelter
  • In a healthy atmosphere.

TEACHERS: Lucky are we

  • to be chosen as the masters to mould the child into balanced & global citizen.
  • to be a part of such an organization where we are trained, guided & supported with an expert team of Educationists.

PARENTS: Lucky are we

  • for availing an opportunity to cherish the joy of facilitating the development of an identity from helpless to a well-developed & self-dependent identity.
  • to be one among those who have someone whom we have nurtured and be hopeful of getting a support in the eve stage of life.

STUDENTS: Lucky are we

  • to be one of the sons/daughters of such caring parents who are trying their level best to provide us the best possible facilities and support us almost everywhere.
  • To be fortunate enough to get an opportunity to study in the school where everyone cares and all are there with their heads together to guide & groom us up towards the right path of Enlightenment.

When we are so fortunate, then let’s try to do our best & make this world a better place to live in by producing the Podarites who will be known for their Gentleness, Secularism and Global approach.

May the all mighty bless us all to give our best!!

Dr Ravinder Singh Panwar
PIS, Dhule