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School Events

Safety Awareness Week - 2018

A safety awareness program was organised in the school on 16th June 2018. Dr. Chetna Kodi, from the Dept. of community medicine at A.J. Hospital was the guest speaker and spoke on the subject injuries and accidents. She had an interactive discussion with the students and helped children understand the difference between 'road accidents' and 'domestic accidents (those which may happen at our place of study work place or homes).

Students were encouraged to ask questions, to which Dr. Chetna very patiently answered. Meanings of terms like - injury, accidents, fractures and scars were also explained.

Safety and first aid tips were also given. Student found it to be a very enlightening program.

Jump start "Broadcast It"Activity Report 2018

Theme : ‘Broadcast It - A dive into the world of Media and Broadcast’

Date: 01 June 2018

Time: 8:15 am – 9:00 am

Venue: School Campus

The theme ‘BROADCAST IT – A Dive into the World of Media and Broadcasting’ has been designed for the students to make them understand the role of media in our modern world. It focuses on the purpose of media and its different aspects. This module also helps the students to understand the different types of media used to communicate the message among the masses and will make the students think about what they are exposed to while watching certain kinds of media content and its relevance.

A Jump start Event has activities that are to be carried out before the theme starts to immerse the students in the theme without directly telling them what it is all about. These activities are designed to surprise the students, capture their imagination and generate curiosity about the upcoming theme. The goal is to get every student excited and engaged in the upcoming theme from the onset.

Objective of the Jump start activity:

· To build excitement and interest among the students about the theme.

· To make the students aware of the different forms of Media.

· To make the students understand how the media which is so deeply entrenched in our daily lives, informs, entertains and persuades in different ways.

Class wise activities conducted:

Grade 1 & 2: ‘Cartoon Character I would like to be!’. Students had to write their names next to the cartoon characters they like the most.

Grade 3 & 4: ‘Match the Brand Fonts’. Students had to match the given brand fonts to the symbols of products provided.

Grade 5 & 6: ‘What Violence means to you? Students had to write in one word as to what violence means to them. After writing on the paper they had to stick it on the chart paper placed on the soft board.

Grades 7: ‘Spot the Fake News?’ Students had to spot fake news from the list displayed in the soft board. They also gave reasons as to why they feel certain news were fake.

Students also took part in the whole school activity

1. ‘Compete the tagline’ – Each student was given a brand and made to present the tagline in the assembly.

2. ‘My Favourite Ad’. – Students had to write their favourite advertisement in the paper provided. The favourite ads of the students were then pasted in the soft board.

Get Lit Festival - 2018

National Science Day - 2018

National Science Day celebrated on 1.3.18 in morning assembly under the guidance of science teacher Ms. Rohini

Sarojini Naidu's Birthday Celebration - 2018

Art Exhibition - 2018

Republic Day Celebration - 2018

Jump start activity 'Word Weavers' - 2018

Winter Carnival - 2018

Annual Day Celebration 2017-2018