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Dental Camp - 2018

A free dental check-up camp was organised at Podar International School on 18th July 2018 by Dr.Madhavi from Dental Essence. The camp was initiated to educate children about the dental hygiene and how our eating habits affects our oral health, with special stress on the simple measures that can be taken to prevent gum decay and diseases. It was concluded with a dental check-up for all the students from Grade 1 to 6, academic and non-academic staff.

Hear our Voice - 2018

A special project called ‘Hear Our Voice’ was conducted at Podar International School. This project highlighted the importance of giving voice to our opinions, making right choices and to work together to solve problems. Students of Grade 1 to 6 participated in various activities to understand that our opinions may differ and vary, but a collective decision can be reached through listening, discussing and evaluating.

3-D Printer Workshop - 2018

A workshop for teachers to train them to use and introduce the 3-D printer was held at Podar International, Kalkere on 12th and 13th of July 2018.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to create a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model by laying down thin layers of material in succession. The 3-D printer is a technology through which teachers and students can enhance their visualisation, creativity and utilise the advantages of new technology to expand and broaden their horizon in education. The creation of simple objects using 3-D printing can engage and stimulate the student’s logical reasoning and help them comprehend mathematics and physics concepts which they, otherwise, find difficult to understand.

The launch of 3-D printer at Podar International School, Kalkere, adds another achievement as the school became one among few to provide a platform, not only for students, but for teachers as well to take up new and exciting challenges and to keep upgrading to the ever changing world through technology.

Podar Live - 2018

The 'Podar Live' event was conducted in school on 2 July 2018 as a part of culminating event to conclude the Integrated English theme 'Broadcast It'. Multiple activities were conducted and presented by students of Grade 1 to 6. Grade 1,2 and 3 showcased their talent by presenting a show 'Guess who am I?' along with attractive props. Grade 4 students enacted a hand-wash and cereal box advertisement. Grade 4,5 and 6 hosted a live show that included News, Live feed of Yoga Day, and a Cricket Match. Overall, it was a great, interactive, interesting and entertaining event where students showcased their learning and experience they had under the 'Broadcast It' module.

A visit to All India Radio Station - 2018

Students of Grade I to Grade IV visited All India Radio station on 2 July 2018 as a part of field trip ‘Broadcast It’ module of IE. There, the students interacted with a RJ, explored the control room and recording room. They had hands on experience with different traditional musical instruments. Children enjoyed the field trip and also learnt many things as well.

Social Media Day - 2018

A special assembly ' Social Media Day 'was conducted on 25 June 2018 as a part of the ongoing theme ‘BROADCAST IT’ at Podar International School, Kalkere. The purpose was to bring in awareness about different platforms of social media, their use and impact among children. Students of grade 5 & 6 representing famous social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and interacted with other students. It was a reflection on the role of social media in our lives.

International Yoga Day - 2018

The International Yoga Day,2018 was celebrated on 21 June 2018 with great zeal,vivacity and anticipation at Podar International School,Kalkere-Bengaluru. Students from all grades showcased their discipline, concentration and dedication by performingyogasanas like Suryanamaskara, Padmaasana, Dandasana and Ardhachakrasana.

Group Photo 2017-18

Get Lit Festival - 2018

The school-wide theme ‘Word Weavers’culminated with an event- the ‘Get Lit Festival’ on 24 Feb. 2014.

This festival aimed at providing opportunities for the students to showcase their learning and the experiences they just had in the module.

This literary festival served as an ideal opportunity to learn more and expose the students to the world of books and reading. It also reinforced the students’appreciation of short stories and literary works of different authors as it helped in promoting literature and freedom of expression. It also enhanced diverse thinking among students and helped them hone their creative spirit and imagination.

This festival aimed at entertaining everybody while giving a platform to the students to share their gained knowledge. The visitors were exposed to various activities viz., fashion show (famous characters), storytelling, puppet show, authors coming alive, human library tickle your brain corner with games like cross words, solve the puzzle, make words, find the names of the books etc., that engaged them in exchange of ideas, creativity and thoughts.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and friends participated and experienced this unique event with great admiration.

Republic Day Celebration - 2018

PIS, Bengaluru 3 celebrated 69th Republic Day with great enthusiasm. The Principal hoisted the flag. Children from grade I-V presented variety of programmes which ranged from song to skit. The skit was based on fundamental rights and equality. The event ended with a dance performance from grade 1 which roused patriotism which clearly told to love their nation unconditionally. Many parents participated in the celebration and appreciated the good work put forth by students and teachers.

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