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Latest Events and Drills in PIS Gwalior

Sports Day
PIS, Gwalior organized Annual Sports Meet in which students displayed their physical strength and fitness through different Drills and Events. Parents also participated in different races enthusiastically. Overall it was a wonderful show.

PIS, Gwalior organized World AIDS Day to educate their students about HIV virus, its causes, preventive measures and social issues related to it. Students also present their views in the morning assembly and shared their valuable thoughts about social issues related to AIDS patient.

Soil Day
PIS, Gwalior organized World Soil Day to spread awareness about the soil conservation, types, its prevention and control over human activities. Through different speeches and discussions students suggested many ways to conserve and protect the soil.

Terrorist Attack Drill
PIS, Gwalior conducted Terrorist Attack Drill with the help of some people who disguised themselves as the terrorist. Teachers, students, and non academic staff actively took part in the drill and learned how to cope up with the situation if arise in future.

Fire Drill
PIS, Gwalior conducted Fire Drill keeping in view the safety and security of the students, teachers and non academic staff. The objective behind conducting it is to train our students how to evacuate the building in minimum time, use of fire extinguishing equipment's, use of emergency numbers and use of first Aid in case of any casualty.

Earthquake Drill
PIS, Gwalior conducted Earthquake Drill for educating its staff and students regarding the safety and protective measures to be taken during the earthquake. The objective behind conducting it to train them how to leave the building in minimum time, safe places to hide, use of First Aid in case of any casualty and use of emergency numbers.

Tribute To Tansen
A tribute to Mian Tansen was given by the students and teachers by presenting classical music concert at school.

Christmas Celebration
Christmas was celebrated by students and staff. Gifts and sweets were distributed to the students by Santa and carols were also sung.