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In the Early Years Program at Podar ORT International School, we strive to provide a comprehensive holistic program that balances the individual stages of each child within a child-centred, teacher-guided, international environment. We aim to foster each child's curiosity, creativity, confidence and independence, in order to nurture a love of learning at school, at home and throughout their lives. Our goal is to expose children to a meaningful curriculum of skills, attitudes and knowledge, through developmentally appropriate activities, that the children will build upon throughout their academic life.

We offer the following programs:

Born Smart Learning Spa is a brain based parent-child program. It has interactive 60 minutes sessions between parent/s & child. The Born Smart Learning Spa interactions are filled with carefully designed activities that nurture and build motor abilities, language, socio-emotional skills and cognitive skills in growing babies and toddlers.

*Please call 7506112200 for a free demo class and registrations.

Music Together (Extra Curricular) - Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and reaches beyond culture to touch the depths of our souls, express our common emotions and inspire us all. Music Together connects families and communities across the globe as they express and explore our basic human instinct for making music. Are you ready to make some music together?

*Please contact 24933514 to register today.

Podar has introduced a unique spa for their children known as “The Sensory Spa”. Throughout the day children do not use their five senses. They are also constantly in brightly lit spaces during their waking hours and the technology that they are exposed to or involved in is structured, the technology gadget controls the flow of the interaction. Children are also constantly exposed to a cacophony of sounds, all this leading to too much of overall stimulation.

In the sensory spa, lights are dimmed, voices are soft, and activities involve all senses. Children have various equipment at their disposal but have to lead their own play, they have to design their own fun and enjoyment. This leads to better thinking skills, focus, attention and positive energy.

In a spa we experience relaxation, rejuvenation, calmness and a sense of escape from our daily routine, similarly in our Sensory Spa for children they experience soft sounds, dimmed lights, an unhurried agenda and the pleasure of experiencing all the senses. This will lead to children being able to unwind, relax, calm down, and generally connect to happiness and a sense of pleasure that stays with them throughout the day.

Activities like Yoga, Massage, light and sound play and toys to touch, feel and experience, all add to this wonderfully unique experience at the Sensory Spa.

Sports pro programme has been developed by internationally experienced professional and sports coaches of Australia. Your child will get an active Sports Education Programme.

Programme Benefits to our students :

1. To improve sporting ability
It helps in improving, physical fitness, increasing motor and sports skill, playing ability, self confidence and concentration.

2. To improve academic development
Participation in guided and directed play helps students to achieve improved academic understanding.

3. Participation
The Best practices are approved by Australian Board of studies, which present enjoyable participation in structured, student focused lessons.

4. Enjoyment
Learners enjoy quality learning time with qualified highly qualified trained trainers and sports education specialist.

5. Exposure
Learners will get exposure to a exciting modified and traditional sports equipments and different ‘games sense’ activities.

6. Discovery consolidation and competency
It is going to contributes directly to development of physical competence and fitness and will help to develop social skills and cooperation and problem solving ability,as well as developing motor skills and physical fitness.

Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. Music helps strengthen memory skills.

Danc​ing​ ​is a primal part of human experience across all cultures and time periods ​uniting people from different age groups, nationalities and sects​. Exposure to dancing at an early age helps in the physical and cognitive development of the children. Children develop poise,​ confidence,​ endurance and muscle strength. Dancing is also a great medium of expressi​ng​ the children's feelings and emotions. Children learn about working together as a team and communicating their ideas and knowledge effectively through graceful movements.

*Please contact 24933514 to register today.