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The Right Curriculum

At the heart of all the learning that takes place at Podar International is our highly-skilled, vastly experienced and constantly innovating Curriculum Research & Development Centre (CRDC).

This comprises of a central team of academicians entrusted with the task of conceptualizing and influencing the practice of teaching such that it builds the Podar brand of qualitative education.

To fulfil this vision, the team provides innovative educational materials to schools and supports educators to understand the purpose, values and commitment behind their work. The Centre’s role extends beyond providing academic resources and lesson planning to introducing extra-curricular programs for moral and character development, facilitating professional development and creating a holistic learning experience for the student.

The CRDC is responsible for charting the course of development for each of our students and given the experience and expertise that each member brings to the CRDC table, they ensure that the curriculum includes:

  • Thought provoking and innovative content and subject matter for all our learners.
  • Centrally created lesson plans with clear-cut instructions to teachers on what to teach, how, and when during the course timeline.
  • Enhanced lesson plans with imbedded ICT, audio-visual components, activities and group discussions.
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessments carried out in a learner centric approach, aiming to test not just the knowledge acquisition of the students but also his/her understanding, aptitude, and progress vis-à-vis the learning objectives.
  • Best practices adopted from across the globe.