Podar Education Network

Podar International School
Raipur (CBSE)

Principal's Message

Heights by great men reached and kept,
Were not attained by sudden flight.
But they ,while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night !

With the opening of the Podar International School at Raipur ,the Podar Education network having over 60 schools spread across the country , has opened new vistas for the aspiring student learners here .Seeped in deep traditions and strong Indian values & ethos ,the school aims to provide a holistic education with thrust on the mental growth of its students , making extensive use of the best technological tools. We understand that the children of today are full of information ,and hence the school is not a place of information. Rather, it is a place that separates ‘grain‘ from the’ ‘chaff’ and helps out its students in retaining the grain through a questioning mind !’How & Why’ is promoted to the utmost in thePIS classrooms ,while the teachers and technology aid the seekers in seeking the answers .

The multifarious activities in the beautiful campus ,I am sure ,will make the students feel being in a home away from home .The compact building ,surrounded by lush green lawns , air conditioned class rooms and well trained teachers ,provide a perfect ambience for meaningful learning of knowledge & knowhow ,without fear . It ,in times to come ,would be a place for which all the stake holders, be it parents ,students or the teachers , shall feel proud of.

Best wishes

Vishwadeep Shukla
Podar International School - Raipur