Podar Education Network

Podar International School
Solapur (CBSE)


Educating 100,000 students through 94 schools across India, Podar Education Network has established itself as a leader in the Indian Education Sector. Established in 1927, Podar Education Network strives to create modern citizens who are ready to make global changes. The success of Podar is largely due to its trained, qualified and committed teaching team and the extensive use of technology in teaching.

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  • Students of Podar International School learnt about the importance of their house and surroundings through Thematic Learning


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  • Students of Podar International School visited the National Research Center of Pomegranate


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  • The Seven Sisters of India leave a mark at Podar International School


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  • Transport Safety PPT

    Important safety norms for students using the School bus or Private Vans

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